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12 Tumbler Glasses with Colored Decoration and 2 Design Glass Carafes - Perlana

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borosilicate glass
Glass 8.8 xh 9 cm - capacity 44 cl, carafe 11 xh 22 cm - capacity 140 cl
Delivery time
7-10 working days
Viadurini Kitchen

12 tumbler glasses with 2 carafes, modern design in transparent borosilicate glass handmade with colored decoration, made in Italy.

Service consisting of:
  • 12 Glasses: diameter 8.8 x H 9 cm - 44 cl
  • 1 White carafe for still water: diameter 11 x H 22 cm - 140 cl
  • 1 Blue carafe for sparkling water: diameter 11 x H 22 cm - 140 cl
Culture of the project and deep knowledge of glass processing: this is the origin of the glasses for the table inspired by the simple shapes and shades of the oldest glass tradition.
With innovative interpretations, these glasses are the ideal complement to decorate the table with elements of value and striking aesthetic impact, embellished by the quality of craftsmanship and Italian design , for an inestimable value.

The service is inspired by the memories of days on the beach, when you played on the shore with marbles , the small colored glass balls that often slipped under the water and were then found as precious stones.

NB Any small differences are to be considered authentic value , witnesses of the characteristics of craftsmanship excellence. Every single product is treated in detail .

  • handmade transparent borosilicate glass with colored applications
It is a robust material , known for its qualities of resistance to thermal shocks and for its low coefficient of expansion.

Colors available for applications:
  • White
  • black
  • blue
  • pink
  • green
  • Golden yellow

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