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12 Whiskey or Water Crystal Glasses, Decorated Vintage Luxury Line - Tattile

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ecological crystal
h 9.3 x maximum diameter 8.2 cm
Delivery time
4 working weeks
Viadurini Kitchen

12 Vintage design whiskey or water glasses in hand-finished eco crystal with 100% made in Italy with touch effect decoration.

This proposal of 12 double old fashioned tumbler glasses for whiskey or water is characterized by a design with optical decorations and a pleasant touch effect determined by oblique lines with an interval that generates the grip point of the object, for a suggestive and meditative tasting. . The flavors are thus enhanced through these sumptuous glasses rich in details that embellish and characterize the whole, for the prestigious and luxury mise en place .

This is an assortment intended for the world of liqueurs, to make the tasting unique through classic but particular shapes due to the carvings and decorated design that give a pleasantly tactile and visually elegant and refined game . This is how the collection showcases the excellence of high-level tableware , dedicated to those who want refined and stylish tableware and who love to stand out.
Because drinking is a simple gesture that each of us makes every day and that can be made even more enjoyable by using glasses, glasses and bottles capable of transmitting an emotion .

Designed and cared for down to the smallest detail with a refined and elegant design that enhances the transparency and brilliance of the material, it is the latter that plays a fundamental role in the creation of the line: the innovative and ultraclear industrial ecological crystal is the only one 100% workable for engraving, cutting and grinding.
It also complies with high ethical and environmental standards and is made with the attention to detail typical of the craftsman. The result is a high quality made in Italy product , to experience quality and beauty in a complete way.

The characteristics of the industrial ecological crystal:
  • Transparency : the most transparent of the crystal glasses
  • Brilliance : a unique brilliance given by the purest raw materials
  • Resistance : extraordinarily resistant to breakage, each product undergoes 7 quality tests
  • Dishwasher safe : tested for over 4000 uses in professional dishwashers
  • Sonority : pure and vibrant sounds, like the best crystal
  • Ecological : 100% recyclable, produced with respect for the environment
The production service takes place in total respect of the environment through the use of electric ovens, with 0% polluting bleached agents and 0% emissions into the atmosphere.
The energy used, in fact, is clean energy , derived from biomass power plants, photovoltaic panels or geothermal energy.
Furthermore, the purest raw materials make it possible to obtain a 100% recyclable material.

The customization service is available for molds, engravings, cut glass production and size of pressed and blown products.
Contact us for more information by filling out the " Request information " form.

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