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16 Pieces Modern Design Colored Porcelain Small Cups Service - Haribo

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Small bowl 11.5 cm, medium bowl 15.2 cm, large bowl 20.3 cm
Delivery time
7-10 working days
Viadurini Kitchen

16 Modern three-dimensional colored porcelain ice cream or fruit cups, made in Italy design.

Service consisting of:

  • 6 small bowls: diameter 11.5 cm
  • 6 medium bowls: diameter 15.2 cm
  • 4 large bowls: 20.3 cm diameter

An aesthetically fun and functional bowl service with which you can enhance porcelain, through the playful use of colors. Various sizes of bowls with never the same designs, from stripes to floral decorations to different patterns, but all united by the basic colors. Ideal for those who want to always set the table in a new way but with coordinated pieces , playing on contrasts and combinations of patterns and shades.


  • porcelain
Chosen for the attention in creating objects that are aesthetically fun and increasingly functional to use, in such a way as to give particular evidence to the visual impact of food and table service.
In this way, objects and tableware are created that interact with each other to offer countless matching opportunities and invite you to set the table with ever new, suggestive and seductive combinations.

Available colours
  • amethyst
  • green apple
  • orange
  • black
  • Grey
  • blue
Technical features:
  • dishwasher safe
  • microwave resistant
  • made and hand painted
  • made in Italy
NB: any apparent imperfections are the result of a decoration made by hand , therefore always different. Therefore these differences are to be considered distinctive signs that attest to the value and exclusivity of the product .

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