3 seater fabric sofa, handmade in Italy, Romantic

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£ 7.289,56
Measures L 245 x P 97 x H107 cm
Delivery time 5 working weeks
Weight 74 kg
Custom-made This item can be customized. For further information: info@viadurini.co.uk
3 seater fabric sofa, handmade in Italy, Romantic
Handcrafted sofa with pillows included, covered with the following fabrics: 
- Brunelleschi fabric 5744
- Brunelleschi fabric 5754
- Moliere fabric 5509 

Partially removable upholstery.
Being a non-industrial manufactured product which is completely handmade in Italy, you can customize even the smallest details of your sofa. According to your neeeds, you can request us customized dimensions. Choose from the wide selection of fine fabrics the perfect fabric to upholster your sofa and your pillows. Even the trimmings can be customizable!
Our expert craftsmen are ready to advise you and help you choose the best solution in order to create your own customized Italian sofa : ask us a quotation and write an email to info@viadurini.co.uk.

Upon request, the fireproof certification can be provided. For further information, send an email to info@viadurini.co.uk .

Manufacturing stages
Design: the first step of the sofa's production is to determine its design
Structure : the structure is made of fir and poplar wood and plywood. Vinyl glues and staples are used to assemble the parts.
Seat springiness: the seat springiness consists of elastic bands applied directly to the wooden structure
Stuffing: stuffing is carried out by applying few layers of expanded polyurethane of different thickness and density. Only ecological glues are used. 
Fabrics choice : all the fabrics used to cover the sofa are chosen according  to their quality and aesthetic.
Fabrics cutting : the fabrics are hand-cutted using cardboard cutouts, chalk and scissors.
Fabrics sewing : all the previously cutted pieces of fabric are sewn 
Upholstery : this is the most delicate manufacturing stage. Expert craftsmen check the stitchings and then fix the fabric with staples.
Finishes : once the upholstery is done, the sofa is decorated with trimmings and fringes, matching the colour of the fabric.
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