Made in Italy

4 Full Handle Kitchen Knives, Berti Exclusive for Viadurini - Caravaggio

  • Made in Italy
£ 1.053,48 £ 1.578,09 -33%
Material stainless steel
Delivery time 5/8 working days

Set of 4 high quality kitchen knives, made in Italy.

Box with the four essential knives in the kitchen:
- Ham knife: flexible and long blade essential for cutting ham, cold cuts and roast beef that need to be cut into thin slices.
- Bread knife : the only one that will have the serrated blade. It can also be used for dry fiber desserts such as tarts.
- Carving knife : smaller than the chef's one, it is similar and mainly intended for table service.
- Boning knife: sharp and stiff blade is used for boning and cleaning meat from inedible items.

The blades are obtained by hot forging with a hammer, once the only way to guarantee a good cutting quality (the blows of the hammer break and order the molecules of the steel) today are very appreciated for their beautiful and elegant appearance. Made with a solid handle, i.e. the blade has the tang hidden inside the handle, they have the surface finish of the satin blade.
Produced entirely by hand in small quantities . The heat treatment also includes sub-cooling at -80 ° C to ensure maximum cutting capacity and duration.

The versions with Plexiglas handles are dishwasher safe because all our Plexiglas handles undergo a special stabilization process which makes them dishwasher safe. Produced with high quality cutting steel, they can be put in the dishwasher only in the Plexiglas handle version, but it is good to be informed about the possible consequences:
1. the dishwasher causes any object washed in it to age quickly.
2. the more quality cutting steels are, the less stainless they are.
3. the blades may be stained with small reddish spots or large bluish halos:
to. if left to drain or dry in the dishwasher
b. if left dirty for a long time after use
c. if the washing water is rich in iron
4. good hand washing and careful drying after washing are the secret to keeping your knives at their best.
5. Hand washing and immediate drying are MANDATORY for knives with handles in horn, wood or other natural materials.
6. Do not wash with aggressive detergents or water at temperatures above 60 ° C.

- weight: 553 gr.
- stainless steel blade,
- handle: forged full cornotech
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