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6 Glasses for Red and White Wine in Glass Elegant Light Design - Lightness

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superior sound glass
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Viadurini Kitchen

Light and sophisticated modern design red wine goblets, handmade in superior sound glass, 6 pieces.

These clear and light wine glasses in glass are born from the hands of simple men devoted to their work, where the aesthetic and artistic value of glass processing blend with the careful selection of materials.

An innovation in the field of wine tasting and service obtained thanks to the attention to shapes and the maniacal search for lightness .
The design, studied for each type of wine, presents as a peculiarity the lip finish , which makes the action of drinking more comfortable and functional, with the elegance and rigor of form that act as key words.

The pleasure of tasting thus joins the surprising lightness and elegance of the glass , offering a unique experience for each wine, from white to red, important red, from aromatics to spirits, including sparkling wines and champagne.

Material :
  • Lead-free superior sonic glass
It is a very high quality material chosen for the specific technical characteristics of maximum transparency, high flexibility, high resistance to breakage and washing.

Types available:
  • for young reds: diameter 10.6 cm x H 23.5 cm - 55 cl
  • for reds: diameter 12 cm x H 23.5 cm - 77 cl
  • for reds and whites capable of evolving: diameter 11.5 cm x H 25 cm - 82 cl

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