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Alba Madonna by Raphael, hand-painted fresco

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Bottega Tifernate
Alba Madonna by Raphael, hand-painted fresco, 1510. Washington, National Gallery of Art.
Hand-made in Italy by the Italian company Bottega Tifernate.

Viadurini has signed an exclusive agreement with Bottega Artigianale Tifernate, a small company of painters and artists based in the Italian region Umbria. The company is specialised in the 'Pictografia' technique and it has been working for the Vatican Museums and for other worldwide famous museums. This special technique, patented by Bottega Tifernate in 2000, is an original modern process which combines modern production techniques with ancient manufacturing methods. The 'Pictografia' is the best technique to recreate a famous painting using original colours and methods. The final outcome is almost identical to the original masterpiece. If you have ever dreamt of steeling Monet's Water Lilies, Botticelli's Primavera or Klimt's The kiss to decorate your house or your trade, now you can. These professional artisans can create any painting, fresco and panel painting. For further information, contact us at

Each fresco is made of sand and lime. During the manufacturing process, waste materials and harmful substancies are not produced. Retouches are done by hand on each single piece, using temperas and watercolours while embossing is hand made using natural glues and plaster. If you want to place your painting outside, you can request a special protection film.

All the frescoes made by using the 'Pictografia' technique (up to the size 45x60 cm) are delivered in a white box. The box includes a velvet and foam frame, a frame hook and a folding metal easel. The easel is supplied up to the painting's size 18x24 cm.

The CERTIFICATE OF PROVENANCE certifies the atwork's authenticity. The date of manufacture allows you to date back to the processing time. The Certificate is always accompanied by a small description of the technique.

Back in 2010 Bottega Tifernate obtained the ESPI Certificate which allows the free trade of those artworks that reproduce faithfully the original masterpieces. This special certificate, owned by a few, is released by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. In order to receive it, the Ministry should recognise the manufacturers' professionalism and merits.

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