American Placemat in PVC and Washable Modern Polyester, 6 Pieces - Malia

  • Code: MALIA1
£ 117,71 £ 147,14 -20%
Material Pvc and polyester
Delivery time 7/10 working days
Lenght (cm) 50
Depth (cm) 35

Modern American placemat made of patterned pvc and polyester, 6 pieces.

The placemat is undoubtedly the most practical and fast solution for those who want to embellish their table with taste and color without using the classic tablecloths but preferring materials that clean quickly and allow you to set the table in a simple and rapid way without ever neglecting the appearance aesthetic and decorative.

This placemat is characterized   with a particular print in light tones that allows you to recreate an elegant and tasteful atmosphere. Made of 87% PVC and the remaining 13% polyester, the placemat has excellent resistance to wear and impermeability to stains as it is not made up of absorbent fibers like the classic fabric tablecloths.

Ideal to use in any situation to embellish your table quickly and easily, even outdoors for outdoor dinners and lunches, while avoiding direct contact with the sun.
Quick and easy to clean using a simple damp cloth.
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