Andesite stone countertop washbasin handmade, modern design, Pola

  • Code: POLA
£ 457,03
Material andesite
Measures 60x40x14 cm
Delivery time 7 working days
Weight 50 kg
Countertop andesite washbasin of design Pola, unique piece


Because they are unique pieces, each item is different from the others for color shades and shapes.
For this reason, the photo shown should be considered indicative. It is possible in the process of ordering to ask the exact picture of the item before it is sent.
The products of this line are made entirely of natural stone such as marble, onyx, volcanic stone, river stone.

To ensure the integrity and durability of the product in time it is necessary to apply periodically the waterproof treatment (supplied together with the article) in the inner part and on the edges of the sink. The first application must be made at the time of the reception of the washbasin, before using it and repeat the treatment once every 1/2 month.
The treatment package provided contains 200 ml of product and it is enough for about one year.

USE AND MAINTENANCE: For the cleaning of these sinks is necessary to use specific detergents for natural stone and marble, which do not contain abrasive substances. The product should be applied with a soft and delicate sponge, which does not scratch or spoil the surface.

We inform our customers that the following products are excluded from the company return policy as they are unique handmade products made at the customer's request. This means that they cannot be returned by the customer after purchase.
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