Made in Italy

Antique Buffalo Horn Knife with Silver Details Made in Italy - Blade

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: LAMA
£ 1.632,81 £ 2.041,01 -20%
Material Steel and horn
Delivery time 15/30 working days
Lenght (cm) 19

Antique buffalo horn knife with silver details and engraved blade Made in Italy.

This line of historical knives is composed of faithful reproductions of ancient knives with attention to the smallest details and made following the traditional processing methods used in ancient times to guarantee a perfectly executed final product. What you get is a knife full of history and culture capable of telling the place and the historical moment to which it dates back.

Handcrafted in Italy , this antique knife in particular is called the " Knife of love " as there was the use of giving this particular object as a gift of engagement or marriage by a man or woman but could also have the function of amulet to ward off or keep the evil eye away from the bride. Characterized by the presence of numerous decorations and symbolic elements engraved on the 9 cm long blade thanks to the etching technique used since ancient times to engrave and decorate weapons. The handle, on the other hand, is made of buffalo horn and is enriched with silver plates and bullets that raise its historical value as well as its value and beauty. Inside the handle there is also a secret blade with a blunt point and a second sharp and thin blade.
Thanks to the love for tradition and attention to detail, the master cutlers are able to create a product that allows you to tell a story by bringing to mind the uses and customs of the past and at the same time handing down the culture of the past.
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