Made in Italy

Antique Hunter's Hunting Hook Knife Made in Italy - Hunting

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: CACCIA
£ 4.444,37
Material Steel and horn
Delivery time 15/30 working days
Lenght (cm) 27

Artisan hunter's hook knife with curved steel blade Made in Italy.

This line of historical knives is made up of faithful reproductions of antique knives with attention to the smallest details and are made following the traditional processing methods used in antiquity to guarantee a perfectly executed final product. What you get is a knife full of history and culture capable of telling the place and the historical moment to which it dates back.

This particular knife is called " Hunter's Hook "   and it is the faithful reproduction of the ancient knife originating from the city of Pistoia, one of a kind and of great value. This weapon is distinguished by the particular curved shape of the blade and the handle but also by the presence of numerous accessories entirely made by hand : a small blade, a screwdriver, a sturafocone, a cavaluminello which is obtained from an extension positioned at the lower end of the ratchet spring and finally a helical tip used to pierce the wood of the trees thus allowing to transform the handle into a practical support to make it easier to aim. The 13 cm long blade is made of steel while the handle is in buffalo horn and is also a folding knife thanks to the ratchet spring system.
This precious specimen is made entirely by hand in Italy by expert masters in the sector who use traditional techniques and materials chosen to ensure a final product that can represent a real piece of history that evokes the culture of that time thanks to the unique design and attention to detail .
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