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Design Horizontal Chrome Radiator up to 2691 Watt-Astrasstyle

  • Made in Italy
£ 1.166,81 £ 1.344,78 -13%
Delivery time 20/35 working days
Warranty 2 years
Custom-made This item can be customized. For further information:

Horizontal chromed radiator of modern design, Astrasstyle. 

The tubular and horizontal hydraulic radiating plate is characterized by a modern and original design. Chromed steel radiator that gives a touch of elegance to your home.
Made only with Italian materials. A peculiarity of this radiator is that all the welds are made by hand. Available in different sizes, choose the one that suits you the best to you and your needs!
Our radiators can be purchased in a wide range of colors of your choice. Colors are a fundamental element and have particular importance for your home's design.
Each color is associated with particular psychic and spiritual characteristics, and has particular effects on the functioning of the organism.

6 m²  520 W
10 m²  870 W
12 m²  1045 W
20 m²  1739 W
30 m²  2609 W
50 m²  4347 W

* the data were processed considering a room height of 2,70 m.
** the data provided are purely theoretical and may vary according to the construction and to the environmental characteristics of the building. For further information, please contact a  technician.

  • Steel 
NB: The valves and the holder are not included, to receive them write in the "Request Information" form.

All the radiators can be installed on existing systems without masonry or plumbing, the radiators will use the same interaxes that are already present in your home.
To keep the product in the best conditions over time, at the time of installation, mount all the thermostatic valves with Teflon also the breather plug and not with hemp.
More instructions are included in the packaging.
Viadurini revisits the role of the radiator in the environment, elevating its function as a heat producer to an authentic reference for functional and design furniture. This combination makes the product not only unique and inimitable but also a strong point for the comfort and well-being of the home. First and foremost, the efficiency of Made in Italy.
Quality made in Italy, exclusive technologies and trendy design for the heat at the service of the man and his emotions. The radiators that are present in our site heat, furnish, complete and give a new beauty to the environments.
High energy savings, great ease of installation, high quality, possibility of customization and quotations that fit to your needs, are the strengths of those specials hydraulics radiators. 

Viadurini proudly announces the launch of its new collection of furnishing radiators for the home, born from the partnership with Metalform, one of the most important companies that for over 30 years has been producing 100% Italian handmade thermo furnishings. The collection gets inspiration directly from contemporary art and the latest trends across Europe.
Another possible technological revolution with this Metalform by Viadurini collection is customization. Today are the radiators that fit to you!
Colors, patterns, and completely customized measurements to avoid any masonry work at home. Finally all products made by Metalform in collaboration with Viadurini can be requested with higher power than the standard. In fact, thanks to their coating, more water circulates and the product gives off more heat. The power goes from 500 W to 2400 W. They are versatile in the collocation and ideal also for large environments thanks to its characteristics of heat capacity with minimum water content.
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