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Designer Electric Towel Warmers by Scirocco, made in Italy



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When the normal connection of radiators to the hydraulic system is not possible, a solution may be effective and suitable for the electric towel rails. These in fact turn out exceptional alternative to traditional radiators as they are connected to the electrical system of the house without further problems. The main characteristic of an electric towel is to heat the surrounding environment in a uniform and continuous through radiation. The bigger the bathroom that you want to warm, the greater must be the size of these pieces of furniture. The towel warmers are born with the aim first and foremost to warm towels, robes and any other relevant information. Out of the shower and have at hand a warm cloth in which to wrap is undoubtedly a wonderful feeling that offers absolute relaxation.
But what distinguishes the electric towel from the plumber? The first can be activated at any time according to need simply switching on the electrical outlet. The second one is connected to the heating and thus activates just like a radiator. Certainly have one in the bathroom electric towel in this sense it is more convenient and practical since it is independent of the hydraulic system overall. In the final choice, remember to make sure it is present in the electric thermostat to adjust the temperature, thus able to ensure energy saving. A simple but effective design, a unique feature that can give you every time a warm and relaxing bath, a piece of furniture to fill the void left by the cold walls. Here's how these interesting electric towel reveal their true nature, useful tools and sorted born to heat the interior of the house more intimate.
What you will find in our catalog? Quality products made ​​in Italy design, electrical termorredi made ​​of materials resistant and long lasting. Prices are profitable and competitive as ever in our online store and we are at your disposal to help you make the best choices of furniture for your bathroom.