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Sanitary Ware - Luxury Bathroom Made in Italy

Suspended, free-standing or wall-mounted bathroom fixtures for the comfort and design of your spaces in your home.

For a designer bathroom and quality furniture you can not pay attention to the sanitary ware. In our online store you will find a wide selection of sanitary ware, different in materials, shapes, sizes and installation methods.

We can divide into two categories the types of health we offer:
The sanitary fixtures on the ground or on the floor are the most traditional. The vase, can have the walled water box, placed at the top or with a backpack just above the vase. The installation of these sanitary fixtures is the simplest and involves fixing with plugs. In our online shop you will find a wide selection of the best brands of floor-standing sanitary fittings to best furnish your bathroom.

For a trendy bathroom instead you can choose the suspended sanitary ware. Also comfortable to clean the floor beneath them, they give the impression of taking up less space.
Sanitary ware are usually made of sanitary ceramics. It is composed of raw materials of natural origin: from a base of clay and kaolin, quartz and feldspar are added, worked together to form a uniform mass to which a white or colored enamel is then applied.
The most common color for ceramic toilets and bidets is white.
The shapes, on the other hand, are different for both smaller and larger ones: in addition to the traditional shape models, they are also square, rectangular or perfectly round.

For you on Viadurini wide selection of sanitary ware, bidets and WC of design and high quality at discounted prices!
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