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Faucets and Electronic Faucets - Made in Italy Photocell

Electric taps of functional design and modern or classic style with integrated water saving system.

Tired of your usual traditional faucet consumed by time? If so, we advise you to take a look at the many proposals of electronic design taps proposed in our online store! Why choose an electronic faucet? Simple: it combines design and functionality, creating an innovative, practical and refined product. The last piece of class for the home environment.

You can find electric faucets that, thanks to the sensor or photocell, allow a more economical use of water and a more modern design.

If they told you that recent studies have tested that the single action of washing hands with a traditional tap generally uses 6 liters of water, would you believe it?
You would certainly be driven to speed up the action. Yet thanks to electronic tap technology, you can wash your hands with extreme calm. This is because the water saving system created by very precise sensors will open the water only when necessary. And to do so, just a gesture with your hand, as simple as a greeting. So you don't even have to dirty the electronic faucets that will always remain bright. The same studies have found that washing hands with an electronic faucet takes only 1 liter of water! 5 liters of water saved.

If you have doubts or concerns you can contact us without obligation, we will be happy to help you in choosing your electronic design faucet.