Made in Italy

Bathroom top with centrally integrated sink in Luxolid Voghera

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: VOGHERA
£ 1.308,21 £ 1.635,27 -20%
Material Solid Surface-Luxolid
Delivery time 10/20 working days
Wall hung bathroom top with integrated sink Voghera, made in Italy
Voghera is an integrated system made up of a monolithic material top with a bas-relief sink, perfect for furnishing modern and contemporary settings for a decisive but essential design. It can be installed on any type of furniture base or directly suspended thanks to the special bracket kit.

It is created entirely by the hands of expert Italian artisans and is distinguished by the quality of the material with which it is produced. It is made in Luxolid, the result of years of research and experimentation, which consists of a synthetic compound based on polyacrylic resins and mineral fillers. Exclusive material of high quality compared to slab products which, due to the different gluing phases over time, may show color or cracks. Luxolid, on the other hand, is mixed and worked in mold through polymeric processes. Once injected directly into the molds, thanks to the last phases of treatment and finishing, it results in a uniform structure without differences in color or compactness, guaranteeing a product of aesthetic excellence and technical perfection.

If the product suffers damage such as deep scratches or chipping, it can be restored to its original appearance even after many years. It does not require any particular maintenance but it is suggested to always dry the product to prevent the formation of marks of scale, which would not however affect the material. Cleaning can be done with normal detergents and non-abrasive creams.

Available in seven different sizes and available in the sixteen colors of the Luxolid range.
- L70 x P50 x H12 cm;
- L80 x P50 x H12 cm;
- L90 x P50 x H12 cm;
- L100 x P50 x H12 cm;
- L110 x P50 x H12 cm;
- L120 x P50 x H12 cm;
- L130 x P50 x H12 cm.
It is possible to request the integrated towel-holder hole, front or side and also the version of the asymmetrical washbasin.

Personalize your environment and make your spaces unique with this masterpiece of wellness. For information and / or quotes contact us.
Note: Taps are not included.
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