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Slatted Bed Bases

If we talk of networks for the bed we analyze two key concepts that are going to affect your final choice: durability and anatomy of the human body. In the market you will find many types of slatted bed for the classic, motorized or manual lift. As you can then choose the most suitable to ensure your sleep night after night? The first thing to consider is the strength of the network, which should be designed to withstand the weight over time, temperature changes and sudden changes. We advise you not to choose the cheapest one to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Each type of network is characterized by the technical specifications and structural able to assure a rest and a comfort constant throughout the night. What counts is the ability to easily support the mattress and the weight of the person, without risk of breakage and contraction of wooden slats. Therefore greater is the quality of the materials used, the better the yield and your satisfaction. The second element that you need to consider before buying a network for s ingle or double bed is the anatomy of the human body. In fact, each is made in a different way and has higher or lower concentrations of fat in certain points of the body. The skeleton also is not a perfect line with weight equally distributed among from head to toe, but provides areas more or less heavy (see catchment area for example). If this apparently has little importance, in reality to choose a network bed which is able to support the body in the right places is important. Will therefore have to be some areas of the network more or less reinforced at the sides to ensure a rest and an absolute convenience for life. If you have doubts and questions refer to the product data sheets or contact us without obligation.

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