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Wall biocamino Paride, modern and functional design

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Viadurini Fire Design
Bioethanol fireplace, wall, with 1.5-liter and burner flame monitoring tool.

The size and weight do not create difficulties for any movements.
No Gas
These fireplaces are functioning only with bioethanol, alternative energy, and therefore do not require gas and electricity.
No Odori
Bioethanol, burning, does not emit any odor. The only time when you can feel a slight smell when the flame goes out.
Low maintenance
The bioethanol fireplaces are made with hi-tech materials. The mechanism of operation is very simple, and combustion residues are minimal and can be easily removed with a cloth
Bioethanol is an inexpensive and environmentally friendly fuel at the highest levels. On average, 5 liters of this fuel can keep a fire from 8 to 20 hours.
Easy Operation
Just out of the container, pour the ethanol in the burner and let it burn with a special piezoelectric lighter.
No Flue
As there are fumes, noxious emissions and residues, there is no need to install flues.
Make a smart choice, choose the bioethanol fireplaces Series signed Viadurini Collection Fire.
Economic, environmentally friendly and beautifully designed!

  • laptop
  • without gas
  • odorless
  • low maintenance
  • sustainable
  • simple operation
  • no chimney
  • Shipping throughout Italy

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