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Italian fresco, handmade by Bottega Tifernate

La Bottega Artigiana Tifernate specializes in reproducing works of art on fresco, canvas and table.
Bottega Tifernate is an absolutely unique reality of its kind that was founded in 1995 in Città di Castello in Umbria by the will of the Lazzari family with the precise intention of "recreating exactly a painting that can communicate the essence of the original". This choice is dictated by the passion of the Lazzari family for art and by the iron will to rediscover the ancient pictorial traditions.

From experience and experiments, Pictography is born - defined by Bottega Tifernate as the most precise reproduction technique of all time (and with a lot of "patent technique") - which allows to recreate any work of art identical to the original.
The Pictography was initially born as a technique to support Cultural Heritage to face all those cases in which it is necessary to replace an original with a recreated work. But it immediately becomes clear that - in addition to cultural heritage, exhibitions, museum bookshops - the ideal audience for the works of Bottega Tifernate is the Grand Public.

In fact, pictography makes it possible to have faithful reproductions at home (but it is simplistic to call them reproductions!) Of the greatest works of the Renaissance masters and of the '400 (Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Gozzoli, Botticelli, Perugino, Raffaello, Pinturicchio, Melozzo from Forlì, Mantegna, Ilario from Viterbo, Carlo Crivelli, Canaletto, Joli, Vanvitelli, Cimabue, Francesco Mancini, Masaccio) and any other work you want (Van Gogh, Klimt, Vermeer, Monet, Degas, Hayez, etc).

A network of skilled professionals from the art world is committed to offering the public the fruit of the experience acquired by Bottega Artigiana Tifernate.
This is how frescos are obtained, as they had never seen before (except in the original!) Not only from the aesthetic point of view but on support made with the typical materials of the '400, transportable and worked according to the canons of "buon fresco" .