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Buffet Stand in White Decorated Ceramic and Appetizer Plate 7 pieces - Rafiki

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Large: 31X31X14 cm Medium: 26X26X13 cm Small: 18.5X18.5X11 cm; Appetizer trio: 35X12X6 cm
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10/15 working days
Viadurini Kitchen

Banquet service for buffets or appetizers, white porcelain design, 3 risers and an appetizer plate.

Service consisting of :
  • n.1 Square riser 31x31x14 cm
  • n.1 Square riser 26x26x13 cm
  • n.1 Square riser 18.5x18.5x11 cm
  • n.1 Appetizer tray made up of 4 pieces (one tray and three bowls) cm 35x12x6
The high quality porcelain service was created to decorate the table with refined beauty and romance, suitable for those who wish to create refined mise en place with an elegant and creative soul.
Its peculiarity is given by the marked aesthetic finesse, enriched by the refined edges with relief decorations and hand-pierced hearts that enhance the dishes making the table glamorous and classy.
Each object has its own expression inspired by a Baroque style design , full of romance and sweet memories.

By combining the purity of the service white with the trendy colors of textiles or accessories, you can create a mise en place that will amaze guests and create a suggestive atmosphere.

Strengths :
  • Quality : the selected raw materials allow to create high quality porcelain products.
  • Design : this is an eco-friendly line embellished with elegant relief decorations and hand-pierced motifs.
  • Originality : what makes these porcelains so unique is the unusual language of its shapes with sinuous contours and brilliant surfaces with translucent white, superbly decorated.
  • Versatility : from breakfast, to happy hours, to lunch to dinner, the products are captivating solutions that lend themselves to multiple uses and combinations that can be adapted to any environment, classic or contemporary.
Color :
  • Translucent white
Composition :
  • 100% fine porcelain
Technical features :
  • The double firing at 1280 ° of the precious ceramic mixture gives the porcelain maximum strength and a special brilliance of the translucent white glaze.
  • Each item is embellished with romantic relief decorations and exclusive perforated designs on the borders, handmade by master craftsmen.
  • The products are resistant to abrasion, thermal shock and suitable for use in a microwave oven.
  • All items are guaranteed for endless dishwasher washes .
  • The production complies with the European ISO 6486-1 standards, respecting the health of people and protecting the environment.

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