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Centerpiece Design with Corals in Precious Iron Handmade in Italy - Maste

£ 47,50 £ 66,64 -29%
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diameter 28X11H cm
Delivery time
10 working days
Viadurini Kitchen

Blue, white or beige maritime design centerpiece handcrafted in iron in Italy.

The sea is beautiful and inside there are things that make it even more special. Then imagine that you have them in your home. We have for you the centerpiece with Maste corals (also available in a larger version). This article features coral-style decorations, shells and cute little fish and starfish.
To this decorative beauty is added the resistance of iron, thus obtaining an inevitable element in your dining room.

Maste is a modern centerpiece available in different colors:
  • Light blue
  • White
  • Beige
We have the whole collection of table accessories of the Maste line available. For more information and quotes, contact us using the specific "Request Information" form.

Real Italian craftsmanship - Handmade product :
The birth and creation of an iron object are never the same, thanks to the technique and manual work of each individual craftsman, each piece is made to be unique and unrepeatable .
In this process, the iron is laser cut and mixes with the color to restore a light and contemporary mood , each time capable of surprising.
When creative expression, technical and manual ability meet, they create a linear yet sophisticated process for the creation of metal objects with essential profiles and light shapes; everything is the result of research and design work done exclusively in Italy .

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