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Murano Glass Chandelier 10 Lights Covered in 24 carat gold – Rimetto

£ 5.542,07 £ 7.537,18 -26%
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Murano glass and 24k gold
Ø 95 - H.105 cm
Delivery time
30/40 working days
Viadurini Lighting

Vintage chandelier with 10 lights in Murano glass covered with 24 carat gold, rezzonic style, 100% made in Italy.

Lighting for a home environment is a fundamental part that can enhance the furnishings and create the right atmosphere; for this reason it must be chosen with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The 10 lights chandelier Murano glass back panel covered in 24k gold and crystal pendants is the right combination of refinement and functionality. Elegant and refined, it brings to mind luxurious and luxurious ancient atmospheres.

Each item in this collection, which offers chandeliers, wall lamps, wall lamps and much more, is made entirely and by hand in Italy, using top quality quality materials.

Murano glass processing is the result of ancient techniques handed down from ancestors to the present day. Famous throughout the world, it allows the production of different types of furnishing accessories that can be considered real works of art. These are luxury, elegant and refined items characterized by a timeless classic and baroque style, which allow the house to be decorated with true Made in Italy craftsmanship.

NB: Each element is handmade in Italy. For this reason, no product will be perfectly identical to the other.

As a guarantee of Made in Italy origin, each item is signed and accompanied by a certificate.

This item is designed for E 14 LED bulbs, not included in the price.

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