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Circular design wall mirror with decorations and laser engravings

£ 402,67


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100 cm x 70 cm
Delivery time
8/10 working days
LAS Laser Art Style
Circular design wall mirror with decorations and laser engravings
Beautiful mirror or wall mirror with a unique and inimitable design, made in MDF completely in Italy.
Round mirror with circular and original geometric decorations, in MDF, available in various shades. This mirror is also enriched with beautiful tone-on-tone engravings.
Cut and laser engraved, this mirror with an original shape is made up of simple, sinuous and stylized lines.
Mirror with a modern, creative and original style.
Bring a touch of design to your home too and choose the most suitable finish for you!

100% MADE IN ITALY product!

LAS is a company that has always aimed at the pursuit of perfection , today it is a point of reference in the home décor sector.
From design to finishing, all production processes are carried out in Italy, to constantly guarantee the quality standards of a 100% Made in Italy product.
LAS is registered in the National Register of Italian Manufacturers , as it complies with the requirements of the IT01 System - 100% Original Italian Quality, and the LAS Laser Art Style mark is certified "100% Made in Italy"
Forms of absolute compositional equilibrium, which arise from the excellent quality of craftsmanship, while comparing themselves with new laser technologies, and which carry within themselves the invaluable value of manual work.
Real works of art 100% Made in Italy, decorated and embellished with great skill, capable of captivating those who observe them and making the environments in which they are placed special.

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