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Coffee Cup Set in White Porcelain Design Stackable 15 Pieces - Samantha

£ 235,37 £ 306,26 -23%
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bone china porcelain
60cl coffee maker, 30cl sugar bowl, 13 cm spoon, 10 cl cup
Delivery time
7-10 working days
Viadurini Kitchen

Luxury service of stackable coffee cups with saucers, coffee pot, sugar bowl and spoon in fine white bone china, 15 pieces.

This cup service is born from a deep research of the needs of the table, to create products characterized by high technology , luxury and craftsmanship , quality and distinctive design.

The traditional and harmonic shapes interpret the history and elegance of the past to define the atmosphere of the table, set entirely in fine bone china .

In other words, it is a high quality porcelain with a characteristic warm and bright ivory color, for an elegant and refined table.
In fact, in addition to kaolin, feldspar and quartz, fine bone porcelain also contains 50% of calcium oxide and calcium phosphate, which gives it a particular transparency.
The advantages are also given by a greater strength and lightness compared to common porcelain.

A rich appliance, made from a game of shapes and highly resistant materials able to satisfy any type of need, with the possibility of building sophisticated and elegant atmospheres .

Service consisting of:
- n.6 Stackable coffee cups 10 cl
- 6 saucers
- 1 coffee maker 60cl
- n.1 Sugar bowl 30cl
- n.1 Spoon 13 cm

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