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Colored Dishes in Porcelain 18 Pieces Serving Table - Ipanema

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Porcelain and stoneware
Decorated flat plate: diameter 26.5 x h. 3 cm Solid soup plate: diameter 20.5 x h. 5 cm Decorated fruit plate: diameter 19 x h. 2 cm
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Viadurini Kitchen

Colorful dinner service, with a modern design with relief decorations, complete with 18-piece porcelain and stoneware table.

This particular set, which is characterized by the brilliance of the tones and the relief decoration on the basis of the flat plates, was inspired through an imaginary journey through the rich lands of Brazil , for the dynamism of its lines and the particularly bright color. This territory, full of history and famous for its explosive traditions, dictated the choice of tones on the plate: the yellow and green typical of the flag, and the particular light of the sun that lights up the great beaches of the coast, and which is reflected in a glass of strong lime flavored Caipirinha.

The service reproduces the weave and warp of a canvas .
This decoration preserves the authenticity of the manual processing expressed totally through the gradations of color that reach bright notes up to lightening and conforming to the white of the base, creating a different artisan effect on each plate which thus becomes a unique piece.
  • The service consists of 6 flat plates, 6 soup plates, 6 fruit plates.
  • 6 table seats in 3 decorations / colors different from the other dishes of the same set
  • Made in porcelain and stoneware
  • Decorated flat plate: Ø 26.5 x h. 3 cm
  • Solid soup plate: Ø 20.5 x h. 5 cm
  • Decorated fruit plate: Ø 19 x h. 2 cm
  • Can be used in the microwave
  • Dishwasher safe

Porcelain and stoneware: the perfect mix of functionality and refinement.
and lightness distinguish the flat plates and fruit plates, made of very fine white porcelain on which the decal is applied.
The glazed stoneware of the six soup plates, on the other hand, brings functionality to the table: thick and resistant, it maintains the warmth of hot first courses such as soups and soups and facilitates their service. The enamelled surface enhances the colors of the table.

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