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Modern Suspension with Linear Ceramic Rose Window - Lustrini Aldo Bernardi

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Aldo Bernardi

Set of pendant lamps in ceramic with a modern Lustrini design by Aldo Bernardi, made in Italy.

Lustrini is a wonderful composition with multiple rosette produced in Italy. Allows you to create striking lighting points, customized according to every need. All the lamps in the Lustrini and Lustri collections can be inserted, thus combining different shapes and finishes. The lamps in the Lustirni collection can be used to give life to compositions of suspension lamps, thanks to the linear ceiling rose 1100 mm long. They are supplied with a 3-meter long cable and the body of the lamp is equipped with a lens-diffuser that widens the light beam, for maximum efficiency. There is also a hang-up in aged brass for decentralization.

You can choose:
  • the number and type of lamps (sequins L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 or L6), up to a maximum of 6 lamps;
  • the color of the rosette: white or matt black;
  • whether to purchase the decentralization element or not;
  • choose the color finish of the lamps:
The finishes of the lamps, available both in the glossy and matt versions are divided into "classic enamels" or "luster":

Classic enamels:
  • glossy white;
  • matt white;
  • glossy black;
  • matt black;
  • metal copper.
Lustre (finishing using an ancient ceramic technique where one of the following precious metals is spread by hand and then fired in a third fire: 24 carat gold, 22 carat platinum and 90% copper title):
  • platinum;
  • gold;
  • copper.
For information and / or quotes or to have a consulting service to evaluate together the solution that best meets your needs, contact us using the "Request Information" form.
NB: the bulbs are not supplied.

Choosing the right light points can revolutionize the entire appearance of a room. Addressing design lamps made in Italy like those proposed by Aldo Bernardi is certainly the best decision.

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