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Console table Fenice, made of Venetian Briccola wood and glass

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Venetian Briccola wood, extra-clear glass
L. 120 cm, H. 80 cm, P. 40 cm
Delivery time
20 working days
44 Kg
This item can be customized. For further information:
Viadurini Collection by BRICALE™
The purity of the glass and the emotion of Venetian wooden poles in an original fusion.
Fenice Continuo is the wonderful console table by BRICALE™, the new luxury brand, 100% made in Italy, a Viadurini exclusive. BRICALE™ combines elegance, innovation and sustainability with the beauty of a unique natural material: Briccola wood, salvaged from the historical wooden poles called briccole, which characterize the Venetian lagoon since time immemorial. A single layer of wood underneath the transparent glass top, as clear as water. The wooden layer is fixed to the the glass without being embedded.
The elegant and sophisticated design which charaterizes Fenice Continuo can adorn any kind of interior, from the most classical to the most modern. Available with or without glass shelf.
Design: KERA ecodesign™ by the architect Laura Cera

Please note that any item from the Viadurini Collection by Bricale™ can be custom-made upon request. Request a quote at

Extra-clear glass - 15 mm thickness
Venetian Briccola wood (oak) - 1 mm thickness

Made in Italy. Fixed console table.
Glass shelf (upon request), 12 mm thickness
4 Extraclear glass shelf supports, 20 mm (supplied with the glass top upon request)

Precious oak poles immersed in sea waters for a long time. They are perforated by shipworms, small mollusks that sculpt the wood creating unrepeatable embroideries. After about ten years, the removal and replacement of these poles is ordered by the responsible of the lagoon’s protection, the Magistrate of Venice Waters.
BRICALE™ recovers and enhances the disused lagoon wooden poles, assuring them a new life. And their life is really new. BRICALE™ certifies their origin.

Viadurini Collection by BRICALE™
The exclusive furnishing and lighting collection designed by the Architect Laura Cera in collaboration with KERA ecodesign™.
A thin layer of briccola wood follows the glass shape, starting a new life. The new collection Viadurini Collection by BRICALE™ introduces an extraordinary innovation to the interior design world, wich results into the fusion of glass and briccola wood. The external structure is transparent, essential and functional, and aims at protecting the irregularity of the wood. A precious scroll that tells us the history of Venice, which is not only to admire and to possess, but also to live.
Aesthetic lightness, structural sturdiness and technical innovation do characterise these high-quality objects, which are the outcome of a long and experienced processing.

The console table Fenice Continuo is characterized by a unique design. The three extra clear glass panels are decorated with a single layer of Briccola wood.
The wood is subject to a slow and careful cleaning and drying process, before being cut and sanded. A thin layer of ecological transparent varnish helps preserving its natural beauty. Each single piece is carefully selected under the supervision of the designer. Thanks to an innovative and tried-and-tested high temperature gluing techniques, the wooden sheet perfectly adheres to the of glass. The glass is cleaned and refined by hand. Eventually, every part is welded together. The result is a strong console table with rounded edges.

Each creation by Viadurini Collection by BRICALE™ is made with authentic Venetian Briccola wood, which shows unique marks and unlimited shape variations.

Our customers' aesthetic and functional requests are our priorities. Viadurini Collection by BRICALE™ offers the possibility to add an extra-clear glass shel, which are fixed to the glass shelf supports, welded to the transparent structure.
Upon request, custom-made projects and furnishing solutions can be made.

Luxury design is sustainable. 100% made in Italy, unique and out of time. BRICALE™ combines the beauty of this material with a fascinating design and with love for hand finishing. So BRICALE™ signs high value furniture, 100% made in Italy. BRICALE™ has presented the new CONTINUO collection in the charming Venice, where the wood comes from, during Venice Design Week 2015.
The exhibition was located in Hotel Saturnia & International, one of the historical palaces in the heart of the city, just few metres from the famous St. Mark’s Square. Venice.

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