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Corner bar counter, retrò design in polyethylene – Cordiale Corner

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CORDIALE CORNER is a corner bar counter perfect to complete the linear Cordiale counter. With his gently rètro taste it is ideal for outdoor space with a contemporary and classic soul at the same time: moreover, today who walks into a bar and order a "Cordiale" surprise with a nice recall to tradition. Cordiale is available with Art Dèco finish, thanks to the top band lacquered with a special colour and top avaiable in different finishes that point to material such as stone and wood essences worked hand-made. Complete the Cordiale Display collection. 
His structure is in polyethylene while the top surface is in HPL.

Availale colours
  • Milky white counter and white/ imperial venetian/ wengè surface;
  • Jet black counter and white/ imperial venetian/ wengè surface;
  • Chocolate brown counter and white/ imperial venetian/ wengè surface;
  • Clay grey counter and white/ imperial venetian/ wengè surface;
N.B CORDIALE CORNER is available even in the bright version. The work surface is not included in the counter price. 
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Maintenance and cleaning:
  • To avoid that dust and dirt stick to plastic surfaces, clean regularly the items with a wet towel and liquid neutral soap diluted with water;
  • Avoid the use of ethanol and liquid that contain, even in small quantities, acetone, trichloroethylene or ammoniac (solvent in general);
  • We recommend the use of a degreaser. Spray the product for the surface cleaning, rub with a wet towel and rinse abundantly with water (preferably with pressure washer);
  • In case of persistent stains use a high pressure washer. We recommend the use of foam of melamine - Scotch-Brite® Easy Eraser or similar, for the white colour since it is lightly abrasive;
  • For the metallic parts use a specific cleaner.
  • Keep away from excessive heat sources;
  • Avoid any improper use. When the product have to be moved, lift the product off the ground to avoid damage;
  • Carefully respect the instruction of maintenance and cleaning.
Sustainability and recycle:
Every SLIDE product is 100% recyclable. Moreover, the grey, black and brown products are made of recycled polyethylene. SLIDE has a closed production cycle without harmful emissions for health and it respect the ecologic sustainability rules. Do not treat the product or any part of his components as domestic waste, dispose it by sending to a wast collection center.

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