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Cushion MemoryForma Soya Natural, ergonomic and hypoallergenic

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The line of pillows from proposal represents the perfect union of Technology, Nature and Comfort. The strength of these pillows is the MemoryForma, material they are realizzari through foaming mold. The MemoryForma a viscoelastic material is breathable and heat-sensitive, which besides being completely hypoallergenic, allows a correct distribution of the weight of the body parts that must support, giving a feeling of soft, sweet relief.
These quality pillows are modeled on the body of those who use it, resuming its original shape every time awake, relieving dori of back, neck and shoulders. All this is possible thanks to the characteristics of shape memory, the ergonomic lines and drilling.
They are distinguished not only for the quality of the material used, but also for technological innovations introduced for the realization of this type of product.

The project Natural Soya represents the perfect synthesis of technology and nature.
The properties of water are well known, soybeans instead is considered one of the five grains in the East sacred. Contains important ingredients for the preparation of cleansing creams ideal for the care of the body, because it favors a natural elasticity and hydration of the skin.
With technology Soya Natural aid to protect the ecosystem in which we live as born using renewable elements found in nature, such as water and soybeans.
In the morning you wake up feeling you tired and a little rested, despite several hours of sleep?
It is because of a bad sleep.
For complete relaxation and optimum comfort, a good pillow is essential.
Project Night offers the best allies for a quality rest!

  • breathable and resistant
  • hypoallergenic
  • dermatologically tested
  • promotes circulation
  • excellent quality / price ratio
  • eco-friendly
  • Delivery in 5 working days
  • technology MemoryForma
  • Made in Italy

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