Made in Italy

Fiam Veblèn New Baroque modern design wall mirror made in Italy

  • Made in Italy
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Measures L.110xP.5xH.220cm
Delivery time 3/4 weeks
Fiam Veblèn New Baroque modern design wall mirror made in Italy
Shaped wall mirror consisting of a 6 mm high-flame fused glass frame, back-silvered with relief decoration. Available in smoked or bronze finishes. 5 mm flat mirror available in neutral, smoked or bronze finishes. Back frame in painted metal. Possibility of hanging horizontally or vertically.
The New Baroque mirror has a luxurious and refined design and is entirely conceived and produced in Italy by famous designers.

QUALITY GUARANTEE : FIAM is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified
Compliance with this reference standard allows FIAM to achieve very high quality standards. One of the direct evidence is the traceability of its products: each FIAM product bears an indelible decal, fired at a very high temperature, in which a code that allows to reconstruct its entire production cycle is reported in addition to the company brand.

The history of Veblèn was born far in time, a design culture that started from Italy , whose roots, linked to elegance, to the taste for beauty, to originality, has influenced the taste for furniture, establishing new rules and entering to be part of the imaginary of the international jet-set.
With crystal, one of the oldest material in human history, which has always been synonymous with comfort and style for those who own it, starting with the aristocratic Egyptian families portrayed in hieroglyphics with their glass jewelry, Fiam conquers the most famous homes in the world, becoming fertile ground for the ideas of the most prestigious designers and brands recognized by a particularly attentive and refined public.
Veblèn starts from the story written by the Livi family on glass and crystal, from the know-how achieved on the exclusivity of shapes and now interprets the desire of those who want to enrich their home with precious furnishings that communicate elegance with greater emphasis.
Veblèn is located in the prestigious setting of Villa Miralfiore, a fifteenth-century residence, restored to its former glory by the Livi family, where the charm of Veblèn comes to life among stuccos, frescoes and decorations. It is from this place, rich in culture, art and good living, that the symbol and name Veblèn are born : the ermine, an animal emblem of aristocracy, purity and royalty, was discovered during the restoration of the Villa, the name was inspired by the mysterious legends that surround it.
Who chooses the products appropriates fragments, traditions and timeless knowledge.

There are numerous great names in world design who over the years have collaborated and collaborate with FIAM to create curved glass furnishings.
These brands, among the most prestigious and eclectic of the Italian and international design scene, have chosen FIAM to leave an indelible mark in the history of furniture with a unique and unrepeatable design carved in glass.
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