Straight Razor in Buffalo Horn and Steel Made in Italy - Mello

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£ 375,75 £ 417,50 -10%
Material Steel and buffalo horn
Delivery time 15/30 working days

Artisan straight razor in buffalo horn and steel Made in Italy.

straight razor handcrafted in steel with buffalo horn handle. The razor blade is available in 4 variants according to your needs: round tip, square tip, barber's notch tip and French tip. The product is complete with strop , an essential tool for the use of this type of razor as it allows you to make the cut sweet and comfortable and a 15 ml bottle of protective oil with dropper, all inside a practical wooden box. with slide closure.

Tips for sharpening
To sharpen the razor it is necessary to have water sharpening stones, natural or synthetic. The time that elapses between one sharpening and the next depends a lot on how many times you use the razor weekly and on your type of beard, the minimum equipment includes:
  • water stone with 3000 or 4000 medium grain
  • 8000 grain finishing water stone
  • strop, preferably with a linen / jeans side
Proceed by wetting the medium-grained stone, then proceed with the counter-edge passes until the result is satisfactory, be careful to perform the same number of passes for both sides of the blade. Now wet the finishing stone and repeat the same movement, finally pass the razor on the linen / jeans side of the strop, this time against the coast. Fontani razors have a slightly curved cut, so for a correct sharpening it is necessary to swing the blade on the stone during sharpening, this method is called ROLLING-X.

Care and maintenance
The Straight Razor is undoubtedly a fascinating and long-lasting tool but it needs due attention:
• during the barking it is important that the rib and the thread are both in contact with the leather during the passes, a pass with the rib raised could compromise the sharpness
• never put the razor away without first having cleaned and dried it carefully, to do this you can pass the blade with toilet paper WITHOUT TOUCHING THE THREAD and then pass the razor over the strop to remove any trace of humidity, we also recommend applying a veil of protective oil to the blade
• never use a paper that is too thick or rough to clean the blade, as you risk scratching the edge
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