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Garden Kitchen on Wheels in Wood and Steel Modern Design - Buoncalliope

£ 5.816,35
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stainless steel and solid teak wood
L140 x P60 H90 cm
Delivery time
20/25 days
75 kg
Viadurini in the Garden

Modern garden kitchen on wheels made of solid teak wood and stainless steel, with customizable cooking plate.

It is an outdoor kitchen cabinet in large measures, enlarged for the big food lovers, made of stainless steel and solid teak, beautify and make unique any home space.

The product includes :

  • standard bottle holder;
  • three drawers with soft-close closure that allows closing in an easy and silent way;
  • standard knife holder with protective cover to always keep spatulas and knives at hand safely;
  • standard cutting board;
  • sturdy stainless steel wheels with ball bearings and brake, to facilitate the transport of the trolley through any surface;
  • waterproof cover.

Possibility to choose between different combinations of hobs:

  1. combination one: one zone plate + cutting board + teppanyaki,
  2. combination two: one zone plate + cutting board + wok,
  3. combination three: teppanyaki + cutting board + wok,
  4. combination four: one zone plate + cutting board + one zone plate,
  5. combination five: wok + double cutting board,
  6. combination six: teppanyaki + double cutting board,
  7. combination seven: one zone plate + double cutting board.

NB : when ordering, specify the arrangement of the shelves in the notes section (e.g. one zone plate on the right, teppanyaki on the left).

You can also customize the hob choosing from the wide range of available plates:

  • ONE ZONE PLATE : latest generation of induction technology. Maximum consumption 3700 W.
  • TEPPANYAK I: Complete freedom with the Teppanyaki plate because it can be fried without the dimensional limitations of pots and pans. For teppanyaki lovers, this version based on induction technology is the crème de la crème! Not only is it powerful, but it is also possible to regulate the temperature very precisely. You can quickly fry meat or fish, prepare skewers or grill vegetables. Preparing food in this way is very healthy indeed. The plate has two temperature zones which can be used separately. Max consumption 2800 W.
  • WOK : it does more than just bring oriental cuisine into your home. In it it is possible to simmer, brown, marinate, steam cook and, yes, even fry! Thanks to the hollow shape and the large induction coil, the entire surface of the pan heats up evenly. In this way the food can be heated quickly and uniformly, better preserving its color, flavor and nutritional value. Max consumption 3200 W.

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