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Handcrafted Roman Knife with Ratchet Spring Closure Made in Italy - Roman

  • Made in Italy
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Material Steel and horn
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Handcrafted Roman knife with ratchet spring Made in Italy.

This line of regional knives are part of the ancient tradition and are handcrafted by master cutlers who are experts in the sector who respect traditional techniques, thus managing to bring back to life the uses and customs of a place. These types of knives are typical of different capitals and areas of the Italian peninsula and, thanks to the love for tradition, they bring back to life the culture and habits of the past, thus managing to tell a piece of history.

This faithful reproduction represents the regional pocket knife called " Romano " born between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries within the Papal State and was mainly used during brawls in taverns or Roman village festivals.
The blade is particularly sharp and is made of MA5M steel while the handle has a full horn handle enriched with lattice or herringbone decorations and engravings which, in addition to making it unique and elegant, also allow for a firmer and safer grip. The knife also has a fixed spring locking system called "ratchet" due to the characteristic noise produced when the blade is opened.
Handcrafted in Italy with quality materials, the final product allows you to tell a story by bringing to mind the uses and customs of the past and at the same time handing down the culture of the past thanks to the attention to detail and the passion of the master cutlers.

Available sizes :
  • length 17 cm (blade 7.5 cm);
  • length 20 cm (blade 9 cm);
  • length 23.5 cm (blade 10.5 cm);
  • length 30 cm (blade 13.5 cm).
Finishes available :
  • ox horn;
  • buffalo horn.
NB : the finishes in the photos are indicative. Each ox horn handle is unique and features different color shades.
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