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Handcrafted table Briccola3, resin and briccola wood, modern design

Table with blinds and resin briccole handmade Briccola3
  • Table with blinds and resin briccole handmade Briccola3
  • Table with blinds and resin briccole handmade Briccola3
  • Table with blinds and resin briccole handmade Briccola3
  • Table with blinds and resin briccole handmade Briccola3
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Brand:Viadurini Collezione Living
Handcrafted table Briccola3, Venetian Briccola wood and resin
Modern design table, handmade from resin and Briccola wood.
The elegant and sophisticated design which charaterises Briccola3 will easily adorn any kind of interior, from the most classic to the most modern one. Briccola3 encloses the history, the art and the beauty of Italy. The table-top is the result of the combination between resin and Briccola wood.
The kind of resin used to produce this table is an epoxy resin, which is characterised by a high level of transparency and impermeability. It is UV-resistant and has anti-yellowing properties.
The expoxy resin is scratch-proof and resists to the highest temperatures, such as 70° C. In case of scratches, it can be easily polished. It belongs to the A class.

Squared table-top and iron legs with visible welding.

Briccole are precious oak poles immersed in sea waters for years and years. They are perforated by shipworms, small mollusks that sculpt the wood creating unrepeatable embroideries.
There is a special relation between briccole and resin.
These famous wooden poles are used among Venice canals and are called Briccole. Before becoming a valuable raw material, each Briccola is pulled out of the water, dried and cut by skilled crafstmen.

N. B. : Each item from this collection cannot be reproduced in series. For this reason, each product is unique and will look different. During the order phase, our customer service will contact you. You will be able to view the briccole and to choose those that will decorate the table you will receive.

Important: It is now possible to request a custom-made project. You can request to customise the legs and the dimensions of Briccola3. Contact us at

Viadurini Collezione Living presents an exclusive collection of furnishing pieces made with premium quality materials, such as transparent resins and wood essences. Viadurini offers the possibility to customise the product on request. Each product is exclusive and is a unique mix of technology and craftsmanship.
The initial phase of the production, which is entirely handmade by skilled artisans, is what makes this collection even more special. The wooden components are dipped into transparent resin and, only after a long process of polymerization, the panes are cut. During the second phase, the panes are finished with the use of high-tech machinery.


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Handcrafted table Briccola3, resin and briccola wood,...

£ 3.249,50