Made in Italy

Handmade Salitano Knife with Ratchet Spring Made in Italy - Sicilian

  • Made in Italy
£ 963,02 £ 1070,02 -10%
Material Steel and horn
Delivery time 15/30 working days
Lenght (cm) 33

Antique Salitano knife handcrafted with buffalo horn handle Made in Italy.

This line of historical knives is made up of faithful reproductions of antique knives with attention to the smallest details and are made following the traditional processing methods used in antiquity to guarantee a perfectly executed final product. What you get is a knife full of history and culture capable of telling the place and the historical moment to which it dates back.

This particular knife is called " Salitano "   and is the faithful reproduction of a Sicilian knife that takes its name from the city where it was produced, Salaparuta. The main features that distinguish this knife are the thin handle made of buffalo horn at the end of which there is a tip in nickel silver , an alloy of zinc, copper and nickel, in the shape of a boot and the 16 cm long steel blade   particularly pointed and sharp. The knife also has a very sturdy ratchet spring system that allows it to be closed and opened thanks to the lever positioned laterally which, if pressed with the thumb, causes the blade to unlock. Thanks to the use of traditional techniques, quality materials and craftsmanship made in Italy by expert masters in the sector, the final product represents a real piece of history that evokes the culture of that time thanks to the unique design and attention to detail.
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