Made in Italy

Heavy Linen Face Towel with Poema Lace 2 Pieces 2 Colors - Castle

  • Made in Italy
  • Code: CASTLE3
£ 109,27 £ 136,59 -20%
Material linen
Delivery time 7 working days item available / 8 weeks item to produce
Lenght (cm) 60
Depth (cm) 110

Linen face towel with lace in 2 colors, 2 luxury pieces made in Italy.

The value of tradition joins the modern lifestyle with the linen face towel , with decorative poem lace in two finishes.
The towel is produced in Italy made of high quality cotton and made soft to the touch thanks to special treatments that enhance its natural appearance. It is an ideal fabric for the bathroom as it is hypoallergenic , antibacterial and above all hygroscopic, in full respect of your skin, thanks to the use of natural and hypoallergenic dyes that give shine and panache.
Lightness , freedom, elegance and purity are the key words contained in this product with a noble charm and fine fabric .

This linen is in fact absolute modernity , a choice to live the contemporaneity of those who want to spend a moment of total freedom, which leads to the creation of an authentic and handcrafted product of the highest quality.
The natural imperfection of the material thus denotes the value of simplicity , enclosed in an elegant and delicate craftsmanship for a sublime and suggestive sensory experience.

The article is born with respect for every element, taking nature as a lifestyle to obtain a balance of vital energies, in a harmonious whole of refinement, nature and well-being, in which eco-sustainability becomes a way of being. Ideal for those who live the present with the eyes of tomorrow, for those who live the world as an infinite and free space where there is no need for words.

Finishes available:
  • turquoise - old life
  • candy pink - old candy
Useful tips: Wash the product separately with water and neutral soap at a maximum of 40 ° C, do not bleach, do not let it soak and do not wring by hand.
We recommend ironing at low temperatures and not direct exposure to sunlight to preserve the integrity of the color and the natural fiber.

NB: nuances and variations in appearance over time and between garment and garment are peculiar characteristics of the product, as it is made with natural materials. Our linen is endlessly modern. A choice of contemporary lifestyle that is the background to the rhythm of life. Dedicated to those who live their experience with space as a moment of absolute freedom, looking for a concreteness that must be accompanied by an uncompromising style.
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