Made in Italy

Illuminating marble complete with Minimal Sound speaker

  • Made in Italy
£ 5283,76
Measures 28cm x 55cm x 30cm; Weight 100-110 Kg
Delivery time 15-20 working days
Illuminating marble complete with Minimal Sound speaker
minimal   Sound is a latest generation product that integrates the lighting system in a block of stone, hiding an innovative acoustic diffusion system.
Fantastic and unique product of its kind; thanks to the combined properties of light and sound, Minimal Sound makes the interior or exterior furniture multifunctional, giving the environment unique suggestions.
Just think of some solutions for use, such as corporate green spaces, gardens, poolside, wellness, ports, squares, boutiques, to understand their multiple use: an authentic way to promote a new dimension in the perception of the environment, "light and music". This beautiful illuminating stone is suitable for both an outdoor environment, resisting freezing environments, or indoors, as it is completed by four lower rubbers to protect the floor below.
Minimal Sound is made of marble, available in four different types of natural marble: White Carrara marble, Roman Travertine marble (for indoor use only), Pink Travertine marble or Fior di Pesco Carnico marble.
This beautiful furniture has a horizontal section with two constant light sources in the surrounding space. All surfaces are flat. The loudspeaker is tropicalised to resist weathering.
The acoustic diffuser is protected and guaranteed by the water-repellent treatment and mechanical resistance of the construction material made of Kevlar, while the light source with LED technology optimizes energy efficiency.
Nature and technology come together in Minimal Sound, and the sound element harmoniously takes shape. The stone becomes "alive", "speaks" its own language, discovers a soul made of lights and sounds.
Functional and high quality stone. It is possible to disassemble it in its various pieces for possible light replacements.
In Minimal Sound the beauty of nature and technological functionality are combined in an elegant and sensorial wedding, to transform and live your environment with style, functionality and emotion.

Please note : these items are unique pieces, therefore each of them differs from the others in chromatic nuances and shapes. For this reason, the photo shown is to be considered indicative. Since these are unique pieces, it is not possible to return the product.

Material :
Minimal Sound is available in four different finishes:

1- White Carrara marble:
Characteristics : Bianco Carrara is a marble composed of a gray background with a uniform and homogeneous hue with a fine grain and the possibility of pyrite crystals.
Origin : Apuan Alps - Tuscany - Italy

2- Roman Travertine marble   suitable for INDOOR use ONLY:
Characteristics : Travertine marble is a stone material formed by the superposition of more or less defined levels of beige color of varying intensity. These levels are parallel to each other with a "wave" pattern with accentuations of cavities of a decimetric order that characterize the material.
Origin : Italy

3- Rose Travertine Marble:
Characteristics : Travertino Rosato is a stone material with pink tones of varying intensity with a heterogeneous appearance. It has a diffuse porosity, with slender pores of variable size and which tend to be generally recrystallized.
Origin: Italy

4- Fior di Pesco Carnico marble:
Characteristics : Fior di Pesco Carnico is a marble in shades ranging from gray to pink to white with ivory-white veins and coarse grain.
Origin : Carnic Alps - Friuli - Italy

Technical features:
- Power supply: 24 Vdc
- Power supply included: LPV-20-24. IP67 24V DC 20W power supply. Constant voltage. Dimensions 118 mm x 35 mm x 26 mm
- Light levels: 1
- Total consumption: 14 W
- Power 14 W
- Color temperature: 3,500 K °. Two horizontal light emissions. Single color White 3500 ° K complete with underground cables (L = 4mt).
- Light source life: 30,000 hours
- Power and audio cable length: 2x4 meters
- Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver, INCLUDED. Mono output. Power supply 220V AC.
- IP protection degree: IP 65
- Audio technical data: 20W RMS at 8Ω

Power supply and connection:
- The product must be powered by a constant voltage 24 Vdc power supply (included in the price), sized with 20% reserve.
- Supplied with 4 m long neoprene cable (specific for outdoors).

IMPORTANT: DO NOT connect the product directly to the 220 Vac direct network.
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