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Irsap radiators, designer radiators and heated tower rails made in Italy

The company began its activity with the production of pressed steel radiators. Today, Irsap is the leader company in Italy in the production of  heated tower rails, of designer radiators and of modern radiators, all tested for energy savings.
Irsap has introduced a new way of conceiving the radiator: not only as a heating element, but also as a component of furniture. This concept is summed up in the brand TERMOARREDATORI®. Decorating with designer radiators allows you to customise your living space and to make it unique, thanks to the large variety of colours, of shapes and sizes offered by Irsap. This philosophy has accompanied IRSAP in its constant evolution.

Thanks to the continuous enlargement of the range, you can customise your radiator in over 500,000 different possibilities:  a radiator that fully meets the needs of the customer.

The most popular Irsap radiator models, which helped a great deal in the growth of the company, are: Tesi, Novo, Ares, Piano, Relax, Flauto, Geo, Jazz, Soul, Now, Sax, Funky, Vela, Rigo, Venus and Arpa.
The Tesi collection, created in 1967 and in continuous development, reinterprets the radiator and enriches it with new forms, new finishes and new features. The emotion of heat is enhanced through the special soft touch surface (available in different shades) which transforms the feel of solid steel with a soft rubber surface. In the versions Galileo, Leonardo and Michelangelo, the designer radiators are complemented by decorative and functional elements.
The Tesi Collection (Tesi Runner, Tesi Memory, Tesi Join, Thesis, Tesi Cruise and Tesis Chrome) is insured for 10 years.
Irsap reinterprets the multicolumn radiator with original shapes, finishes and colours to respond to the different needs of the contemporary design by customising every environment with a refined and unique style. The contrasts of light enhance the design of the radiator, which becomes a real piece of furniture.
 The high level of quality is always combined with a design of strong expressiveness that characterises the whole collection.

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