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Unique Artisan Printing on the Canvas - Created Using the Marchi's Mangle

Artisan printing on canvas from 1600 exclusively handmade: tradition, history, craftsmanship and uniqueness of the Marchi printing house.

In this section we proudly offer a product that best represents the values ​​of Italian tradition and craftsmanship, exclusive products that you can only have from Viadurini.
Viadurini in collaboration with the famous printing company and workshop of the Marchi family brings to the world market a product that has no equal: hand-printed artisan prints made with mangle.
The peculiarity of these products is their history and tradition: the Marchi shop has been in business since 1633 and from generation to generation it has carried on the tradition, without ever resorting to new tools or techniques, of the strictly hand-made Romagna print.
The Marchi family boasts a unique tool in the world: the mangle. This instrument was conceived by the famous Leonardo Da Vinci and gives the canvas an unmatched stretched and smooth surface, on which it is then manually imprinted with centuries-old molds, the motifs and decorations in bright and traditional colors.
Another peculiarity are the colors, all natural and elaborated from minerals according to an ancient secret recipe; the colors are thus impressed and after some processing and fixing phases reach the final state.
Each product is thus defined unique and inimitable, worthy symbol of a tradition and manual work that has no equal in the world.

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