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Modern design wall crucifix

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£ 159,93
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54x65 cm
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LAS Laser Art Style
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Modern design wall crucifix
100% Made in Italy. Every step of the production has been made in Italy by highly qualified craftsman, from the design to the finishing.

Material: MDF. MDF is a derivative of wood ( Medium Density Fibreboard). Through the operations of laser cutting and engraving, hand decoration and painting, these beautiful wall modern sculptures are created.

Decorations: entirely handmade. Each article is a unique piece.

A new and innovative concept of painting (canvas/print/portrait), that becomes a three-dimensional wall sculpture:
- through the panels overlapping;
- through the decoration of embossed plasters and special painting techniques;
- through the overlaying of varnishes. The laser cuts the top layer, letting the underneath layer glimpse;
- through cuts and carvings that create different levels of depth;
- every panel is provided with a special hanging system, which distances it from the wall and emphases the carved parts, creating lights and shadows.

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