Modern freestanding bathtub in white acrylic 1675x780mm Nicole2 Small

£ 2428,16 £ 2697,96 -10%
Measures 1675x780 mm
Delivery time 7 working days
Modern freestanding bathtub in white acrylic 1675x780mm Nicole2 Small
Nicole Small is a bathtub characterized by a modern design, equipped with drain / overflow (pre-assembled) and internal adjustable feet in height.
NB excluding taps.

What could be better than going home after a busy day at work and enjoying a nice refreshing hot bath?
To give you this feeling, Viadurini has selected for you an interesting range of freestanding (self-supporting), functional and design bathtubs . In bathroom furniture we are usually inclined to prefer practicality, often to the detriment of aesthetics, but not necessarily one thing excludes the other.
The tubs of this collection are made by a company in the plumbing and sanitary sector specialized in the production of exclusively freestanding tanks produced using the best acrylic compounds for santirarious use and offers high quality solutions with a traditional, Art Deco and modern design.

The freestanding bathtub is a particular type of tub that is increasingly replacing the whirlpool. It is self-supporting, or stands alone and does not require flush mounting. Thanks to its versatility it is often chosen for unconventional furniture, positioned next to the fireplace, in the bedroom, in the middle of a room ... This great flexibility allows interior designers and architects to greatly increase the number of creative options available to them. . Freestanding means "self-supporting", which stands alone and does not require flush mounting .

All the freestanding bathtubs in this collection are made of double-layer acrylic; acrylic is a material widely used in the production of bathtubs and has been widely available on the market over the last few decades. In fact, numerous tests have shown its high chemical and physical resistance . Its surface, resistant, non-porous and easy to clean, is also an impenetrable barrier for germs and bacteria. The newly developed double layer acrylic technology makes it possible to obtain a tank with exceptional stability and to produce self-supporting shapes that in the past could not be achieved.
Why then choose an acrylic bath, compared to the classic cast iron bathtub with feet?
- The acrylic basin weighs less than 173 of the cast iron tank, thus making installation and transport easier
- The high thickness of the internal surface of the acrylic tank retains the heat of the water much longer
- The double-layer acrylic surface does not yellow and keeps its brilliance unchanged. Furthermore, all the tanks in this line have undergone rigorous tests concerning the temperature, weight and sealing of the welds between the inner and outer lining.
For this reason we can offer a 5 year warranty on manufacturing defects.

These freestanding tanks are made by a company founded in 2008 by the close union of two partners who have more than 25 years' experience in the plumbing sector. The company is specialized in the design and construction of bathtubs only and exclusively freestanding (self-supporting) produced with the use of the best acrylic compounds for sanitary use. Whatever the environment of the house you intend to furnish, it offers solutions of the highest quality, from traditional, Déco and Modern design. In addition to professional distribution, the offer is also aimed at architectural firms and technical studies that seek products with high aesthetic and qualitative impact.
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