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Modern wall mounted bioethanol fireplace Erica

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L .100 cm x D. 20 cm x H 70 cm
Domenico Lo Giudice
Delivery time
3 working weeks *This item is out of production. It is possible to order it upon request not later than 30 April 2017.
Viadurini Fire Design
Modern wall mounted bioethanol fireplace Erica, made in Italy
It is made of black painted metal and it has a glass frame which is available in black or white.

Technical features:
Material : painted metal and glass
Weight : 31 kg
Power : Burner FIRE-02 4,5 kW/h
Tank capacity : 1,8 lt
Burning time : 3,5 ore

Use only denatured bioethanol. Ensure that the bioethanol you are going to use is organic and in the liquid state. It has to be colorless, such as water. On the product's lable there must be written, according to the European Community regulations, "Denatured Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) 95% or 96%, plant-origin".

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Viadurini Collezione Fuoco bioethanol fireplaces are suitable for any kind of environment, since they don't need any flue pipe. They work with a natural product derived from vegetables (Bioethanol). The Bioethanol is an ethylic biological methylated fuel, obtained from natural biomasses as for example corn, potatoes, sugar-beets, etc. 

Bioethanol fireplaces advantages:
- no flue-pipe and no soot
- eco-friendly
- do not release toxic substances
- renewable and non-polluting fuel
- no-heat loss ( traditional fireplaces waste the 70% of the heat they produced, since they have a flue-pipe)

The bioethanol burners are designed to grant a regular flame and they are completely safe, thanks to the system which prevents the leak of fuel (KIWA certification). They are made of stainless steel and they should be used only with bioethanol. A liter of bioethanol  produces 7 kW of heat.

All the bioethanol fires from the Viadurini Collezione Fuoco collection are completely made in Italy.

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