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Bossini Outdoor shower column Nek Floor by , with floor water inlet

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Outdoor shower column Nek Floor by Bossini
NEK Stainless steel INOX AISI 316 outdoor shower column grounded in the earth with floor water inlet.
Shower head available in two different sizes.

The shower set includes:
- Fixing installation kit to floor for water pipe connection (hot and cold)
- 2 different functions with side mounted controls
- Showerhead Twiggy Ø 250 mm or 300 mm
- Foot diffuser with aerated spray

- 2 Sprays
- Finish chrome
- Easy Clean System: Easy-clean spray pattern. Products featuring "Easy Clean" rubber nozzles.

Bossini produces showers and accessories since 1960, with the awareness that even a simple daily gesture, like the use of a shower, hides a whole world of functional, aesthetic, technical and human values. 
Quality, design, research and innovation are the fundamental principles on which the whole Bossini production is based. 
The company has earned a prestigious role in the international showcase, where Italian design has always been considered the best example of good taste and elegance, being able to offer a wide range of innovative and high quality products. 
In fifty years of experience, Bossini has responded to the most advanced concept of bathroom, not only seen as an intimate space, but as a new theatre of home wellness. 
With Bossini, the shower turns into a real emotional experience to live every day.

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