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Rounded White Marble of Carrara Countertop Washbasin – Canova

£ 650,80


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Carrara marble
Ø 45 x H 14 cm
Delivery time
7/10 working days
Viadurini Bathroom

Rounded countertop washbasin of design in statuary white marble of Carrara, handcrafted in Italy. 

Wonderful sink in white statuary marble, one of the rarest and only Tuscan marbles, hand-finished in the province of the most beautiful and resistant marble in the world (Carrara). The rounded shapes and the finish give it the right balance between personality and elegance, objects like these certainly capture the attention of anyone entering your bathroom.

Each washbasin of this line is a unique and unrepeatable piece of extremely elegant and very rare marble totally made in Italy, sculpted to perfection leaving intact in this way the technical and aesthetic characteristic of the natural raw material.
Each washbasin has some characteristics that make it unique for its shape and chromatic accent.

Essential and minimal shapes for these countertop washbasins obtained by selecting monolithic blocks of Carrara marble, worked either in contrast between the internal shiny surface and externally peeled, or polished inside as well as outside.
Technical characteristics: fine-grained, compact, pearly white tending to light gray with micrometric to millimetric veins of a more or less dark gray tone and with a predominantly sub-parallel course. Rare surface porosities are noted.

Carrara is famous throughout the world for its white marble, pure and without veining. You don't have to be an expert: just look up at the mountains to see the naked Apuan Alps, made of marble, from which - for centuries now - the statues, monuments and palaces have originated.
Michelangelo himself used to go to the aforementioned Alps to pick up the marble to be sculpted. And from there the "David" and the "Pietà" were born. In addition to Michelangelo, Donatello, Bernini and Canova were also fascinated by the Carrara marble.

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