Luxury Interior Design - by Viadurini Collection by BRICALE™

Viadurini Collection by BRICALE, the true luxury made in Italy for the living room. Coffee tables and tables made with Venice Briccola wood and glass. A luxury piece of furniture with a unique design.
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Viadurini Collection by BRICALE ™ is the new 100% made in Italy brand of luxury design.

Elegance, innovation and sustainability are combined with the beauty of a natural material unique in the world: the wood from the Venetian briccole, the historic piles that have always characterized the lagoon. To the beauty of Venetian briccola wood, Viadurini Collection by BRICALE ™ combines the originality of design and the love for working and finishing by hand, by signing high quality Italian furniture.

Viadurini Collection by BRICALE ™ represents an authentic fragment of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice. Let yourself be seduced by these dining tables made with a new elegance, from wood and glass coffee tables to give an original touch to your living room or as regards the lighting from the table lamp that thanks to the presence of briccola wood enclosed in the glass creates magical lighting effects.

In this collection you can savor the purity of glass and the emotion of Venetian briccola wood in an unusual fusion. For more information, a personalized quote or to customize one of these wonderful products do not hesitate to contact our staff. We will be happy to help you throughout the buying process to make your online purchase quick and easy.
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