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Living room furniture, by Viadurini Collezione Living

Viadurini Collection Living offers over 5,000 selected products with infinite variations in size, color, material and finishes.
Exclusive items of furniture for living room and dining room divided between: sofas, armchairs, tables, coat stand, chairs, console table, stools, desks.
Objects all characterized by a captivating style and quality materials: essential elements to become part of the Viadurini Living team.
Products such as the exclusive Brainwave glass ceramic table.

In Italy we are able to create wonderful high quality objects. Our mission on the web as Viadurini is just this: bring these beautiful Italian products all over the world!
Viadurini is continuously researching and selecting new ideas and customized products with our BRAND to be sold exclusively online.
We do this by selecting the best companies of design made in Italy, supporting them to reach the passionate customers of design all over the world.

We continually select new partners: we are looking for designers, young companies, makers and creative designers.
Viadurini Collection Living is the brand with which we offer the best objects and furnishing accessories for the living area of ​​the house, the field par excellence of creativity and Italian manufacturing.


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