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One-sided freestanding bottles holder Zia Gaia, made in Italy

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Le Zie di Milano
One-sided freestanding Zia Gaia bottle holder, handmade by Le Zie di Milano.

The designer bottle holder Zia Gaia is the perfect solution to store your precious bottles in the most elegant, tidy and natural way.
Its shelves, suited for the insertion of bottles, are stuck to the central structure.
Capacity: The bottles will be stored in a tidy and elegant way. Zia Gaia can store up to 20 bottles.
Materials: The main structure, the base and the top are made of solid beechwood in the colour natural wood or painted in black. The shelves are made of steel varnished with epoxy powders in the colour white.
 Finish: Both for the waxing of the models in natural beechwood  and for the painting of the models in black, only natural and non chemical additives water-based products are used.
Assembly: Zia Gaia is very easy to assemble: the shelves must be inserted in the main structure without  needing tools.
As for the base, consisting of three pieces to join together with two wooden spikes, it is connected to the pillar with two bolts and with two washers and hex key, all included in the packaging.

Le Zie di Milano (The Aunts from Milan) are coming to your house to help you to tidy up, because they are passionate sustainers of the family.
They are refined, natural and elegant and they are at ease wherever you will put them. Slender and slim, the Zie di Milano have a strong and versatile personality, thanks to their variety of accessories and the versatility of their structures.
The modular storage boxes are made of solid wood and oak, while the bookcases and the bottles holders are made of evaporated beechwood. In your kitchen, in your living room, in your bedroom and even in your  the bathroom, there is always space for the aunts from Milan! 

  • high-quality materials
  • original design
  • ecofriendly
  • light-weighted
  • made in Italy following Italian security standards secondo gli standard and regulations

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