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Viadurini Lighting
£ 993,93 £ 1.441,26  - 31%
Viadurini Lighting
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Design ceiling lamps for the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, the real made in Italy.

For a modern and extravagant lighting the easiest solution is definitely our proposals of design ceiling lights. Unique in their kind they catch the attention of each guest leaving him speechless.

In this category you will find proposals for all tastes because the ideas of lighting that you will find have been chosen by our staff to always ensure the best to each client.
With unique and sinous lines, those ceilign lights are ideal for those who are oriented towards a functional solution always maintaing a style of original design that do not go unnoticed thanksto the extravagant and unthinkable shapes. The innovative materials are characterized by a high quality that ensure a good duration over time and a spectacular yield at the same time, creating a magical atmosphere in each of your rooms.

Choose between a wide range of products the most suitable to you and to your style of furniture giving a touch of design to each room. With some simple clicks you will receive at home your beautiful ceiling light combining together functionality and design.
For any question do not exitate to contact our staff that will be pleased to help you in your process of purchase making it easy and fast.
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