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Floor mirrors with a vintage, modern and baroque style.

For those who love big mirrors, the floor standing mirrors that we present in this section are perfect.
This is also the best choice for those who like to frequently change the spaces in their home. A floor mirror is easier and more comfortable to move from one room to another, for example it can be placed in the entrance, in the living room or in the bedroom.

A floor length mirror, as well as being functional, can easily be placed in a free corner of the house to fill it or in the entrance, an environment often neglected in terms of furniture. In addition, mirrors have the advantage of giving depth to the environment in which they are placed making the room look larger. The only caution is to place them in points where there is compatibility with lighting
Choose the mirror that best suits your needs. High quality materials ranging from the elegance of the glass to the natural touch of ebony wood and finally the carved wood with a golden finish to create a Baroque style furniture in your home.

Let yourself be conquered by the beauty of a completely made in Italy furniture.
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