Stone Dining Tables Luxury Design Handmade in Italy

Stone dining tables, precious furnishing elements made by expert Italian craftsmens. Wonderful natural stone dining table with glass top to accentuate the base carved in natural stone.
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Stone dining table & natural stone dining table made to measure by Italian craftsmen.

The stone dining tables we offer are all made with the base carved from a single block of precious Vicenza stone.
The Vicenza stone is a rock made up mainly of calcium carbonate, formed as a result of the collapse of the coral reef and the deposit on the bottom of marine organisms such as shells, shells, crustaceans and algae.

Wonderful tables with carved bases with the most varied shapes, from the classic squared legs to the soft and sinuous lines of a single pedestal that supports a float glass top.
The crystal of the floor chosen to complete the realization of these tables harmonizes well with the important stone legs allowing these real sculptures to express themselves in all their beauty.

If you want to give your living area an artistic and unique touch, choose Vicenza stone tables. Unique and customizable products on request to give you a furniture with a special and precious design, made by the best Italian artisans.
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